• error updating pacman

    I get the following error message when performing the usual sudo pacman -Syu:[
    [email protected] ~]$ sudo pacman -Syu
    [sudo] password for philip:
    :: Synchronising package databases…
    antergos is up to date
    core is up to date
    extra is up to date
    community is up to date
    multilib is up to date
    :: Starting full system upgrade…
    resolving dependencies…
    looking for conflicting packages…
    error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
    :: pamac: installing pacman (5.1.0-1) breaks dependency ‘pacman<5.1’”

    I have not tried anything yet like reinstalling pacman or rolling back or maybe setting this as not to update itself, any ideas on a fix? It looks like other users have been affected. Thanks!

  • @philipmirabelli

    yaourt -Syyu -d

    This fixed it for me!

  • Thanks! It worked for me too!! Cheers!!

  • Problem is caused by pamac (package manager) it needs to be updated to fit with latest pacman.

    This will be fixed in some hours, when new package of pamac is up on all mikrrors:


  • @xhens said in error updating pacman:


    yaourt -Syyu -d

    This fixed it for me!

    This is not a fix to the issue, it is only a workaround, if you need latest pacman immediantly…

    -d, --nodeps
    Skips dependency version checks. Package names are still checked. Normally, pacman will always check a package’s dependency fields to ensure that all dependencies are installed and there are no package conflicts in the system. Specify this option twice to skip all dependency checks

    Better to wait and update then, or use pamac from AUR …

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