• Block the internet to stay focused!

    Hello everyone
    How are you?
    I am looking for an application or a way to block the internet for a period of time to stay focused on my tasks!

    I am asking this question because I found some apps for different systems can do that, but I did not find anything for Linux.

    So does anyone know any technique can help me to do that?

  • I don’t know if there’s an app for that, but you can also manually disable the networkmanager to prevent your system to connect to the internet, or isn’t that what you had in mind?

  • thank you for your response!

    I mean there are some apps on Android, for instance, you can use them to block the internet or some apps for like one hour till you finish your tasks.

    So if you set the app for an hour you will not be able to use the internet until this hour ends!

    If you have an Android device you can look for ( stay focus ) in play store to help you understand the idea more.

  • there are adons for chromium Browsers and firefox:


    As you will mostly take a browser to get into internet…

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