• freetype2-ultimate5 breaks dependency libfreetype.so

    Hello everyone

    For the last 4 weeks, I was trying to update freetype2-ultimate5 from version 2.9.1-1 to 2.9-2

    I can’t do it because i get the error:
    freetype2-ultimate5 breaks dependency libfreetype.so=6-64 required by ffmpeg, ffmpeg-28, libass and libbluray

    Any ideas?

    Trying to uninstall/install freetype2 will break almost the entire system so it is not an option…


  • @mbalino said in freetype2-ultimate5 breaks dependency libfreetype.so:


    From PKGBUILD:

    provides=(freetype2=$pkgver libfreetype.so)

    I am not sure on how to install it… but may you need to build the package manual ?

    Replacing freetype2 with it may work but no warranty if this broke your system (as it is an AUR build you want to install)

    pacman -Rdd freetype2 will remove the package without any (ANY!) dependency checks, so you will may be able to resolve the missing dependencies with installing your manual builded freetype2-ultimate5 package …

  • But installing a package in this way a hacking injection…

  • @joekamprad said in freetype2-ultimate5 breaks dependency libfreetype.so:

    pacman -Rdd freetype2

    Just to confirm, do i need to edit an installation file?

    If I do pacman -Rdd freetype, i will be able to install the newest version?

    I want to confirm before doing it because if the system fails and it break i will go for a format and reinstall… but i do not want to do it at night …
    I want to change the filesystem f2fs, I gave me errors and run fsck 1 time of 4 reboot…
    doing a normal reboot!!!

    Btrfs or XFS not problem at all.


  • @mbalino said in freetype2-ultimate5 breaks dependency libfreetype.so:

    Just to confirm, do i need to edit an installation file?

    i do not get what you asking here…

    do you questioning about this?

    *From PKGBUILD:

    provides=(freetype2=$pkgver libfreetype.so)*

    Archwiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PKGBUILD#provides

    And PKGBUILD has also a confilct line:


    Archwiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PKGBUILD#conflicts

    So it says package will provide freetype2 and also conflicting with freetype2 itself stays installed…

    But i can not say anything about what will happen when you injecting the package from AUR… as it was a user creating this and using it on his system … he do not provide install instructions.

    If you are unsure, try first in a VM.

  • Done and solved

    pacman -Rdd and then install the new package
    System did not break

    Thanks everyone

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