• Xfce will not let me do loguin

    After installing Antergos with Xfce, when turning on the PC, I see the login screen (although I marked it in the installation that came directly), I write my password, that screen goes, it seems that wants to enter … and Go back to the same place to ask me to log in.
    If I enter any password, invented, it tells me that this password is not valid, but if I enter the correct one, it seems that it wants to enter the system, but it returns to the login, without being able to advance further.
    Any idea what can happen?

  • It is assumed that opening a console with Ctrl + Alt + F2 and typing sudo pacman -U xorg-server-1.19 should suffice, right?
    It tells me that it does not find xorg-server-1.19 and if version 1.20, which is what I have installed.

  • @juanbellas
    Can you install package downgrade and use that to go back to xorg-server 1.19?

  • @JuanBellas

    sudo pacman -S downgrade
    downgrade xorg-server

  • When doing downgrade xorg-server, I get a lot of options, I’m choosing one by one for their number and choose the one you choose, in all cases the same thing happens: it does not load the desktop.
    I think I’m going to give up, this is already too complicated for me.
    I can not have a system that uses me so long.

    One thousand thanks for your help.

  • @juanbellas said in Xfce will not let me do loguin:

    this is already too complicated for me.

    The problem now is not that common and not what you will have to solve often.

    But on the other hand … Linux is about knowing your hardware, and get involved in the way system works, it needs a little learning curve, but with a little help from friends it is not that hard!

    But do what you ever think is right for you, and hopefully we will see you here again!

  • @juanbellas
    you’ll need to identify all xorg related packages (around 5) and downgrade them all together, otherwise you wont get graphical login:


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