• Mouse stutter in KVM/QEMU (Win 10) Samsung SSD 830

    Hi guys,

    I passed the whole SSD to Windows, but think i’ve messed up somewhere. I was expecting Win to see the SSD as it would on bare metal, ie as a Samsung SSD in Dev Manager, and that I could use the Samsung Magician software with it. Instead, it shows up as a QEMU disk, and no matter what settings i try in Virt Manager, or Win, I get terrible mouse lag, making the system unusable.

    I made an identical VM setup for testing, using a RAW image file on my Linux SSD (Samsung 850 Pro), and that works fine.

    Any ideas?


  • First part of your story is missing, or its me do not ghet what you try / have done and want to get working.

  • Hey Joe,

    It’s missing, because I didn’t think it relevant. :-)

    I’ve set up a Win 10 VM with GPU Passthrough. Everything seems fine, apart from really bad mouse lag/stutter on the Win 10 guest.

    An identical (test) setup using an image file, instead of the whole SSD, doesn’t have the issue.

  • @justsomegeek said in Mouse stutter in KVM/QEMU (Win 10) Samsung SSD 830:

    Win 10 VM

    Is problematic as a real VM install microsoft is offering ready to use images for this use…

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