• pacman -Rsn deleted system dependencies, how can I recover?

    I mistakenly used pacman -Rsn, causing many important system dependencies to be deleted. After one day of my tossing, I was able to enter the system. However, many of the software were missing and the dependencies were missing, but I didn’t know what was missing. I can’t choose to reinstall the system because of a lot of data and environment. Is there any way to synchronize my software directly with the native system without destroying my existing environment? It is the ability to directly compare the dependencies I have accidentally deleted, and then put it back. Thank you very much

  • @kasazhang96 said in pacman -Rsn deleted system dependencies, how can I recover?:

    pacman -Rsn

    sudo pacman -Rsn
    error: no targets specified (use -h for help)

    this will not remove anything.

    We can take a look to pacman log whgat exactly was removed:

    cat /var/log/pacman.log | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/?u=1

    and give the url it gives out here…

    Or you will need to give some more info about what DE you are using and so on.-…

  • @joekamprad sorry it’s pacman -Rsc. And I found the deleted dependency and I tried to install it back,thank you

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