• Different screensavers and desktop backgrounds

    Is there a way to add different desktop backgrounds and screensavers? Call me silly but I like my pictures and the Matrix screensaver :)

  • You can pick those from your pictures folder in the DE settings, or isn’t that what you mean?

  • @bryanpwo Sigh, I see it now. I meant rotate folder pictures. Somehow I had to ask 🙃

  • @33Nicolas
    You can use Gimp to rotate the picture and save it in your picture folder, then it will appear however you like as a screen- or desktoppicture.

  • Sry, I meant rotating images, not just one :)

  • Okay if you mean litterally rotating, as in turning around, I don’t know if that’s possible.
    If you mean with rotating, changing the pictures, then you can use the slideshow effect in the settings. (I’m only saying this in case your idea got lost in translation😉 )

  • @bryanpwo LO, it’s my fault. As soon as I asked, I found it.

    I still can’t find how to add screensavers though. How weird is that.

  • Which DE are you using, still Deepin?

  • Oh no, I went back to Cinamon. Maybe I should go back to Mate :)

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