• Uninstall Deepin (Switch to another DE)

    I’d like to uninstall Deepin and change to Gnome. Is it possible?

    Any recommendation to do it in a clean way without breaking anything? What steps should I follow?
    Give me an advice where to start.

    I don’t wanna end up reinstalling the entire system only to change the desktop environment, unless that’s the only way.


  • You can install Gome next to Deepin, then afterwards you can remove Deepin with

    sudo pacman -Rs deepin
  • I meant Gnome instead of gome☺

  • @bryanpwo I did that. Installer gnome and gnome-extras

    I was having some issues with Deepin desktop crashing every time my bluetooth mouse disconnected.
    I’m using an Apple Magic Mouse and sometimes it drops the connection and I had to restart X because of that.

  • How does your mouse perform under Gnome?

  • @bryanpwo Much better. If the connection drops, nothing crashes like in Deepin.

    Besides changing to Gnome I deleted my mouse and paired it and connected using bluetoothctl and (since then) haven’t had any issues.

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