• ProtonMail

    anyone heard of


    looks very promising. they are in beta right now. looks like a nice interface though.

  • anyone heard of


    looks very promising. they are in beta right now. looks like a nice interface though.

  • I ditched my Gmail account in favor of [Runbox[/url:oa11gxn7] a few months back. They have a plan that will allow you to sign up for a free trial account, but if you pay them for a year’s service within 24 hours of signing up, they will give you a second year at no charge.

    It amounts to dumping off a free service, to pay for another, but Runbox doesn’t play all the games Uncle G plays.]0

  • im also thinking about ditching my gmail account and paying for something out of country. not that i have anything to hide but its really irks me that the US government feels they can browse what they want when they want.

    i really dont even email that much anymore but would prefer a more secure inbox.

    ive never heard of runbox before i see that one is out of Norway. i wonder how that compares to privacy laws in Switzerland?

    strange new world we live in these days

  • Hey hello,

    I will give this a try: [url:lt5h2nkj]http://bgr.com/2013/07/11/kim-dotcom-mega-encrypted-email-messaging/[/url:lt5h2nkj] when it is there.
    I already use Mega with free 50GB so maybe this works also.


  • I’ve already heard about riseup.net and autistici.org, both provides nice and secure email account (riseup is hosted in US, if this matter). Well, theye are slow and small (fe. 50 mb for riseup mail attachements), but very secure (no known scandals).

  • I will never believe claims for privacy or security in the net. Nor will I pay for any such service… And whats the use of lets say encryption if I exchange e-mails with people using Gmai, outlook, yahoo and so on.
    On the other hand…how many of us are using Skype, Teamviewer, Google+, youtube, etc, etc, etc…

  • megaman, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this, or not -


    Running message encryption in a Web browser? Thanks, but no thanks.

    They claim that even they cannot read your messages, but if you look closely, you will see the application that ends up running in your browser is from protonmail.ch. Again, thanks, but no thanks.

    The ProtonMail devs say they are patching all of these problems, but until they get javascript out of that equation, their cryptography efforts are going to be monumental.

    [0]: <a href=
    [1]: http://vimeo.com/99599725

  • thanks for that clip mike. i havent seen that before. i havent signed up for the service yet. i still give them credit for what they are trying to do. a new service like this will take some time to work right. i still probably give it a try.

    @alphanumerix. ive heard of riseup also but being hosted in the US lets the government take a peek when they want. if you want really secure from the snooping NSA i wouldnt trust anything in the US. HI NSA

    @george no doubt its hard to believe any claims of security anymore.

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