• xorg-server update causes issues with nvidia propritary drivers


    After X.org update, NVIDIA proprietary driver reports ABI incompatibility:


  • @manuel Yes, i know but i am into heavy graphics.
    So, i duo Intel/Nvidia or Intel/AMD is what i need.

  • @joekamprad Thanks. So, do i understand it right that when i do now an update the correct nvidia drivers will be installed? Or do i have to delete the drivers first and install the new ones?

    The problem when i put my latest system backup back, it will be from two months ago. And i am afraid that after update other things will be broken.

  • If you use the Antergos nvidia installer, the correct driver will be installed and all the conflicting packages will also be removed.

  • @bartatantergos nvidia installer will detet your card as a 390xx legacy… if you copy back to yor backup, use nvidia installer to change the installed nvidia driver to 390xx legacy, before first reboot …

  • Just a quick update on GeForce GT730 4GB and system.

    Grub customizer works again! <—from other post
    Linux-lts now default boot again.

    added nvidia-340xx-lts drivers back in
    boots to linux & linux-lts gui
    wine photoshop and wine games work

    Maybe for some it helps to see a gui ss
    Here is current list of what driver packs installed using Xorg 1.19.6

    I’ll attempt to post image, idk what will happen since can’t edit post.
    nvidia-340xx & Xorg 1.19.6

  • @firespray said in xorg-server update causes issues with nvidia propritary drivers:

    Just a quick update on GeForce GT730 4GB and system.

    But this card will run on 390xx…

  • OH really? I must have misread something, well, I guess I’ll be fixing that.
    Thankyou for pointing that out or I’d never know.

  • So, if I update to 390xx xorg can go to 1.20 ?

  • @firespray said in xorg-server update causes issues with nvidia propritary drivers:


    This cards are only not supported by the latest driver and now gone to legacy branch, it was only the 340 version not longer supported by the latest xorg…

    newly moved to legacy:
    390xx --> works with xorg 1.20 (current version)

    So called unsupported drivers:
    340xx --> last supported xorg 1.19 (needs downgrade) – (newly moved to unsupported)
    304xx --> last supported xorg 1.19 (needs downgrade)
    173xx --> last supported xorg 1.15 (needs downgrade)
    96xx --> last supported xorg 1.12 (needs downgrade)

  • @joekamprad
    Thanks! This information is very useful for so many people here! 👏 ☺

  • I have a palit nvidia 1060 and it seems, that there still is no workaround for me, or am i mistaken?

    I installed freshly about a month ago (with nouveau) and installed latest nvidia yesterday. Had to chroot to uninstall it again, because i got an immediate freeze after booting up, no console, no nothing.

    I guess, i have to go with nvidia and i can’t go with nvidia390xx, or can I?

  • @philipp-enoeckl said in xorg-server update causes issues with nvidia propritary drivers:

    palit nvidia 1060

    GeForce GTX 1060

    Version 396.18

    So should be supported by latest driver version (nvidia package)
    Do you use nvidia-installer (Antergos Package) to install driver ?

  • @joekamprad Hi, followed all your steps but same problem again. Lightdm > correct password > blackscreen > Lightdm again, and so on.

    Strange or not strange, just installed newest Archlabs and works?

  • @joekamprad
    Thanks again for pointing that out about my card. Those codes can be tricky if your not paying attention, the ones on the codenames page as per the arch nvidia wiki.
    On the line NVC1 (GF108) my card wasn’t listed is probly how I ended up with the 340xx drivers.
    Anyway all good now, just used pamac and uninstalled everything 340xx and opened terminal and ran nvidia-installer, then took xorg out of pamac ignore list and updated 👍

  • @firespray nice conky info!

  • You can see the image? I tried different browsers and can’t even see the link.
    I just figured it didn’t work this time, but thankyou.

  • link should be directly to image file aka
    ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/4D7ZRFR.jpg)
    alt text

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