• xorg-server update causes issues with nvidia propritary drivers

    That’s my feeling too. Now the dust has settled, I have to admit that the cards that were supported in 340xx, were supported by Nvidia for a pretty decent time.

  • Could we create and maintain a table/database of working nvidia/xorg/card packages into Antergos wiki?
    Unfortunately I don’t have nvidia card so I can’t help much…

  • @manuel
    It’s a bit early to do that, because Nvidia isn’t really clear in their reaction concerning the 340xx driver. They’re going to update it in the future, but it won’t be backported to the legacy branche, so we don’t exactly know which cards are going to be left in the cold. Maybe the bottom line of the cards that now use 390xx will be transferred to 340xx.
    As you can read, their reaction lead to a lot of speculation at this moment.

  • @bryanpwo What I meant is a database of working combinations currently. Probably based on xorg 1.19-* version, and legacy nvidia drivers, as the newest are causing many problems.
    Of course the database would be partially outdated as new versions arrive, but to some extent it could be maintained?

  • @manuel
    That could be an option, I don’t hear any 390xx users, so does this mean it’s solved?

  • Antergos nvidia-installer already fits to the changes to new legacy 390xx path, and it is using a database of cards already to do so.


    The thing with 390xx is that users with cards moving to new legacy path 390xx will not know about the issue till they do update their nvidia (latest) drivers and reboot to black screen…

    As this will effect mostly already installed systems, or new users do not know about nvidia-installer and install by hand…

    And as we all noting at the forum new users do not check the wiki beforehand mostly…

    But it will be a good idea to have a nvidia wiki page, where we can collect the knowledge, so that we can link to it, or users accidently find it ;)

    text goes long…

    On the 340xx situation, there will be only two solutions:

    • nvidia provide a version fixed to work with latest xorg-server (i call it so but real problem is something related to it only) but this will, without some miracle never happen… they want to sell new cards…

    • someone create a kind of xorg-server legacy branch package for working together with 340xx legacy… may not a suitable way, as it may do not work for upcomming kernels e.t.c.

    In my case i just follow @Bryanpwo and uninstall nvidia from my wifes thinkpad, and go with nouveau, HD videostraming works perfect on:
    0_1527326581403_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-05-26 11-22-50.png

  • So, the best thing i can do is reverse to my latest backup and do the system update again without the nvidia drivers and install afterwards nouveau?

  • @bartatantergos your card is supported by nvidia-390xx and should waor with latest xorg-server, at the current state, but as nvidia is not interested in legacy cards support 100% it can be change in the future…

    @Bryanpwo mr. @bartatantergos is a 390xx user ;)

  • The changed legacy state for Nvidia Cards as i understand:

    • For GeForce 400/500/600 series cards [NVCx and NVDx], install the nvidia-390xx or nvidia-390xx-lts package. supported by latest Xorg.

    • For GeForce 8/9, ION and 100-300 series cards [NV5x, NV8x, NV9x and NVAx] from around 2006-2010, install the nvidia-340xx or nvidia-340xx-lts package, Last supported Xorg version is 1.19
      –Needs Xorg to be downgraded to 1.19…
      –Or use Open Source nouveau driver what will work with latest Xorg

  • @joekamprad Ok, so i will try that in a couple of days. Maybe somewhat off-topic, but should it then be better to have an AMD machine? I ask this because i am looking out to a little bit newer machine then my current machine.

  • @bartatantergos
    If I may comment on some off-topic, Intel’s integrated graphics have been working very reliably for me and many others. If you are not into heavy gaming or doing other heavy graphical stuff, then Intel is a great choice for most Linux based systems.

  •                            **Off topic**

    The newer Nvidia cards aren’t the problem, it’s mainly a group of legacy cards that are being declared EOL or being shifted to the 390xx driver. (like in your case) But if you are interested in looking for a complete AMD system (cpu and graphics) the Ryzen cpu runs great with Antergos.

    I know I’m wandering off topic a lot, so I’ll behave now😎

  • @fernandomaroto
    That a good idea to do you had on page 4 so ACCIDENTS don’t happen.
    Add to pacman ignore list.
    I almost had an ACCIDENT lol
    I do wine gaming so don’t want to risk accidents.

    However, for anyone with the issue and get gui back up, I used pamac preferences
    and clicked the check boxes and ignored what I needed so I didn’t get in a hurry and click update and commit to fast lol
    After checking the boxes for my system, it adds this line in etc/pacman.conf for you.

    IgnorePkg   = xf86-video-fbdev xf86-video-nouveau xf86-video-vesa xorg-server xorg-server-common

    Just some info for us too lazy to type in all that and risk a typo haha

    I’ll just keep watching the thread for new info as it’s available.

  • @bryanpwo said in xorg-server update causes issues with nvidia propritary drivers:

    I know I’m wandering off topic a lot, so I’ll behave now

    I do allow offtopic in this thread if it handles on GPU stuff!

    Long term it was nvidia what everybody give as the one and best option on Linux, but it looks like there will be a change now.

    Would be nice to see intel producing Desktop GPU Cards for Gaming ;)

    AMD Cards and the support is getting very good , but the reason was kind of the same what we can see on Nvidia these days… stopping the support for Linux, and with it forcing Open Source Reverse Engineering to get it working.

    A sad story…

    Intel is supporting Linux in a more firendly way, and more forced by the meaning of support itself.


  • nVidia F*** You!

    That was fully on-topic! ;)

  • so, Xorg 1.2 dosen’t support nvidia 340 drivers and it’s Nvidia fault?
    Am I missing something?

  • @quimkaos

    _ any hope of a 340.xxx release with xorg 1.20 support?

    _ Yes, we’ll get one out eventually. I just can’t promise a particular timeframe. One thing to note is that driver support for the multi-vendor dispatch interface in the new server wasn’t quite ready, so these drivers still require replacing the server’s libglx.so with ours. Support for loading our glx extension into the server’s new glvnd interface is being worked on and should show up in a future release, but it’s unlikely that we’ll backport it to the legacy branches.
    Aaron Plattner (NVIDIA Linux Graphics)


  • In this case: I wouldn’t dare to beg to differ the big man😂 😁

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