• unistalled js52

    Hi there I uninstalled js52 to try installed again but know everything stop to work I use antergos with kde plasma when I uninstall js52 it uninstall all the things with javascript and now I only have terminal and I have 1 xiaomi laptop i5 version with no ethernet i have a usb ethernet adaptor but no internet on laptop any help?

  • @marine88

    There is a good chance that the files are in your cache directory., so it’s possible to do a desparate procedure.

    you can check if you have files at /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ if you want.

    the desparete idea is
    for x in $(ls /var/cache/pacman/pkg/); do sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/$x --noconfirm; done

    this will reinstall all packages you have in your cache, but it’s a bad solution anyway, recommended only if you don’t have internet

  • is there any way of connecting my laptop true usb ethernet or wifi? i try that with no luck giving me 1 error not possible open package pack

  • @marine88 You can configure your wireless card from command line using the “iw” command.

    The Arch wiki has a pretty good writeup of the quick commands you need to know, done much better than I can at the moment:

    The only thing to keep in mind when reading that is your device may not be wlan0. You should be able to get a list of devices (including what’s wireless) by just typing “iw”

  • @marine88

    Are you sure you can’t connect to the internet if you boot with Antergos iso (or USB)? How did you installed Antergos?

  • @fernandomaroto i did install it with usb it´s working again thanks to you guys gracias but i have some broken packages on system can i do a repair to the system without losing my configs?

  • Ok!
    Try reinstalling the following packages:

    sudo pacman -S js52 gcc-libs readline zlib sh antergos-kde-meta

    then restart your machine

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