• Difficulty installing KDE next to XFCE

    I installed Antergos with XFCE. I’m nterested in trying out KDE. Trying to install the ‘antergos-kde-meta’ package fails because it requires ‘breeze’, which conflicts with ‘xcursor-breeze’, which is required by the ‘antergos-xfce-meta’ package. I was able to get KDE by uninstalling ‘antergos-xfce-meta’, uninstalling ‘xcursor-breeze’, and installing ‘antergos-kde-meta’.

    This ‘xcursor-breeze’ dependency doesn’t seem necessary for a decent XFCE experience and causes problems when trying to keep multiple DEs on a machine. Should it be removed, or am I missing something?

  • Hi
    I guess the best way for me to help you understand what’s going on is that KDE is an entire ecosystem of libs, dependencies, etc.
    If you want KDE, you more or less need to accept the idea that with KDE you have to get most of the deps.
    In other word with KDE, you’re accepting most of the ecosystem for KDE to be installed on your computer. Some, like marble and kmailtransport, etc, can be removed without issues.
    In this case, ‘breeze’ is probably (I’m guessing here so I may be wrong), required for some part of the meta package for KDE.
    In other words, you want KDE, then you’ll need ‘breeze’.

    The thing about installing more than one DE, (at least from what I"ve read around the net over the last few years including my own personal experiences) is that installing more than 1 DE, does, could, can, may … cause issues of one sort or another. Mostly conflicting dependency issues.

  • @thomasaiman The rule is simple: one DE - one partition.

    Mixing different DEs in a single partition is the shortest way to troubles.

  • @just good advice, but i do not totally agree ;)

    I would say in most cases, and totally yes if you talk about gtk-based and qt-based DE! (what is a bad bad idea)

    But have fluxbox/i3-wm installed aside any other DE would not causing problems in the first place…

  • No problems in paradise!


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