• IgnorePkg in pacman.conf and ZFS / Kernel update questions.

    Hi all,

    I’ve been playing the will ZFS compile and install on my system game for quite some time now. I understand it’s still experimental and only power users should be using it. With that aside, I’ve come across some tips from other community members at using pacman.conf and the “IgnorePkg” line. I’ve added the following line:

    IgnorePkg = linux-lts linux zfs spl zfs-utils spl-utils

    The problem I’m encountering is running a ‘pacman -Syu’ will still run DKMS and remove modules for my currently running kernel. At least when I tried this for the first time 2 days ago. How do I get DKMS to leave my modules alone, because when it attempted to reinstall them it couldn’t find them. I assume because the line I added to ‘pacman.conf’.

    Luckily, editing out the config line and re-running ‘pacman -Syu’ resulted in a zfs/spl and kernel that was able to successfully compile the modules.

    How do I permanently do the following:
    1) Stop a system upgrade from removing kernel modules with DKMS even with the IgnorePkg line in place to stop any of the installed kernels from upgrading?
    2) Keep the previous kernel from being removed and kept in Grub on a failed kernel, zfs, spl update when I do choose to upgrade them?

    As of now I use both the standard and LTS versions of the kernel. Yet when one fails the other fails as well. Everytime! I was under the impression the LTS kernel was a bit more stable in this regard; again with the understanding ZFS is experimental.

  • and it is not a good idea to stop kernel from updating on a rolling release Distro…

  • I can’t say I agree at all. Though if there are userland tools that support kernel based modules; ie: as in my ZFS example I would agree. A kernel that fails to compile the necessary modules for your root directories file system to boot is a bit more problematic. Don’t ya think?

  • I would say it will cause the same amount of new problems if keep the kernel and update all other stuff …

    It would be a solution if you do build your own custom kernel and keep an eye on all packages needs to be builded against the running kernel… modules driverpackages e.t.c. but keeping a kernel from repo will broke system soon on another place…

    And in my opinion ZFS is mayby a cool thing, but there is no way jet to get it implemented in a save way, and to have filesystem be depending on something outside the kernel, is a bad idea for a stable system.

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