Since I’m not actually trying to troubleshoot anything right now, and just wanting to test the water, I thought I’d ask here –

Does anybody have experience using an eGPU on Antergos/Arch, or any other Linux system?

I’ve recently bought a laptop that runs circles around my desktop gaming machine in every way except the video card, and I was hoping that I could pull the video card from my desktop computer (a Radeon HD 7970) and stick it in an eGPU box so that I can retire the desktop computer and use primusrun to offload more GPU-intensive games when docked. (the Intel HD620 is great for games like Civilization, but somewhat lacking for games like Saints Row, Rocket League, or Bioshock, and has very limited upgrade path).

My hope is that it “just works”, but I’m not really able to find anything that’s definitive enough, and my google-fu is lacking - unfortunately, given that all of the eGPU cases I’ve been looking at are in the $400-500 range for an empty box, I’m a bit reluctant to take the plunge and buy one without some assurance that it’ll work.

(if it actually matters for specs, the laptop is a Clevo N131WU, rebadged as a Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro, with an i5 8250u, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive (/home) mated with a 128GB NVME M.2 SSD for the root - I’d be using Thunderbolt 3 for the eGPU. Antergos boots from pushing the power button to login screen in about 4 seconds ;) )