• Adding input language error.

    When navigating to “Region & Language”
    I click on the input source “English(US)” in my case.
    Click on the + sign opens up another window. Now I can only see English or close…
    But when I make this new window larger on the Y-axis. I can see the “Other” option.

    Error here is that the new window has to open to a minimum of the already added languages. So that OTHER is also visible.

  • This is a BUG on GNOME itself, feel free to report it there ;)

  • @joekamprad Ohh, they probably know of it… But why do u have a gnome section? What is it that determines if its the Antergos or the DE?

  • @svartsol said in Adding input language error.:

    What is it that determines if its the Antergos or the DE?

    The facts do that ;) This is a design failure inside the code itself and can not be changed without changing the source, and this is something Archlinux do not do, and we are using the repository from Archlinux.

    But they may will change this at GNOME itself if a valid number users will report this as a BUG.

    There was something like this inside settings for Display resolution, where you get a popup with aviable resolutions you need to close by hand before you can enable the resolution…
    This was solved on the last update to gnome-control-center.

  • Nicely done. Well I guess they don’t care too much. Or would you like to join you on the bug-train?

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