• HP Docking station drivers

    Hi everyone :)

    I have an HP Elitebook 8460p (version with Radeon graphics) and I would like to buy a docking station for it to connect 3 additional monitors (possibly 2).
    Does Antergos support docking stations? Can you find drivers for something like this somewhere? AUR packages are also involved.

    Thank you in advance for your answer :)

  • @kumaty96 said in HP Docking station drivers:

    Does Antergos support docking stations?

    Do you do some research on your own before?
    Or do you want someone else do research for you at all?

    Antergos is not providing any special hardware support, it must be supported by kernel or someone providing a maybe needed driver.

  • I think you should be okay as DELL’s also work. I can’t guarantee it though. If an HP one isn’t necessary, try one that supports DisplayLink

  • @joekamprad I was looking for information earlier, but found it only for Windows and Ubuntu. I did not find anything about Arch and Antegros, so I wrote on the forum ;)

  • @kumaty96
    If possible, it would be interesting to test that in the shop before buying.
    A really good shop could arrange that possibility. :)

    Or, depending on your country’s legislation, you could just order it from the net or buy it, then test it, and if it doesn’t work, just return it to the shop and get your money back.

  • @earthmind Unfortunately, the computer replacement is not an option now: /

  • The Docking station works perfectly well :) Thank You all for help :)

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