• NVIDIA keeps forgetting my monitor layout.

    I’m not sure if this is a GNOME-specific issue, but some light Googling suggested it might be. I’m running GNOME 3 on Antergos. I have a GTX 970. I’m using nvidia-settings to configure my three monitors. Every time I boot up, the system thinks my far left monitor is my far right monitor. I’ve tried clicking “Save to X Configuration File” (as root) both with and without the “Merge with existing file” checkbox. (This used to work.) I’ve tried running nvidia-xconfig too. Did xorg.conf go obsolete when I wasn’t looking? What can I do to make my layout stick? To be clear, fixing the layout works for the duration of my session. It just resets any time I reboot.

  • It might not be the best solution that I can give you, but why not write a script that automates this configuration for you if it works every time you set it and as long as you don’t reboot?

  • what xrandr can do like this:

    xrandr --output VGA-0 --mode 1280x1024 --pos 0x48 --rotate normal --output DVI-D-0 --off --output HDMI-0 --primary --mode 1920x1080 --pos 1280x0 --rotate normal
  • Hi!

    I agree with @EarthMind and @joekamprad, xrandr is very usefull in scripts too.

    For example i always had to change my resolution using i3-wm, and now using kvm switcher i even have to add the resolution i want every boot. So i simply add more stuff to my script:

    #gtf 1280 720 59.9
    xrandr --newmode "1280x720_59.90"  74.36  1280 1336 1472 1664  720 721 724 746  -HSync +Vsync
    xrandr --addmode VGA-0 1280x720_59.90
    xrandr -s 1280x720
    xrandr --output VGA-0 --primary --mode 1280x720 --pos 0x0 --rotate normal --output DVI-0 --off --output HDMI-0 --off
    sleep 10 && feh --bg-scale /home/fernando/Imagens/1255852.jpg &
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