• Will Kalu use my custom pacman hook?

    Hello I was wondering if kalu will use my pacman hook. I have the Nvidia-dkms installed due to me using a custom kernel (vfio-kernel). I have a custom pacman hook that updates my initramfs if it happens to get upgraded. Will it still work and if not is there anyway for kalu to do what the pacman hook is doing? Thank you for your time!

  • Why use Kalu instead of the built-in pamac application?

    To answer your question: I’m sure it will. Why? Because Kalu’s just a layer on top of pacman, it will still use pacman to perform your upgrades.

  • @earthmind I’m just using kalu because if it happens to tell me I have updates I can just press the update system button because i’m lazy haha. II was wondering if kalu was just a gui front-end of pacman, nice to know!

  • @aesyir
    AFAIK, kalu uses libalpm interface, not pacman. The difference is not big, but I’m not sure if pacman hooks are supported.

  • @aesyir
    Maybe you just test it.

    But as @EarthMind mentioned, pamac (and octopi) can inform you also about updates.

  • @manuel by the way Earthmind worded it sounds like pamac comes with antergos out of the box, why didn’t I get it then?

  • caus you are using openbox, and there you do not get pamac by default…

  • @aesyir
    Which Desktop do you have?
    There is pamac-manager, pamac-updater for most desktops, and octopi for KDE.

  • @manuel
    OK, install pamac wiht this command:

    pacman -S pamac
  • or you choose GNOME and just do not see pamac tray icon as it is still not shown up by default?

  • @manuel Yeah I think im just going to use pamac then, @joekamprad was right I am using openbox so it makes sense that it doesn’t include it like the other desktops. do you guys happen to know if pamac supports pacman hooks?

  • @aesyir
    Not sure if pamac supports pacman hooks, AFAIK it too uses libalpm.

    But you can test it! if you do that, please report the results here! :)

  • @manuel how would I test it? Would I make another custom hook for something I know will be updated then make the hook output something?

  • @aesyir
    What kind of a hook do you have?
    And you said that you have nvidia-dkms installed, it should already take care of recompiling if necessary.

  • @manuel said in Will Kalu use my custom pacman hook?:


    Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS) is a program/framework that enables generating Linux kernel modules whose sources generally reside outside the kernel source tree. The concept is to have DKMS modules automatically rebuilt when a new kernel is installed.


  • @manuel Oh? Guess I misread the arch wiki, hahaha. thanks for clearing that up! I think im just going to replace kalu with pamac. Thanks for the help :)

  • @aesyir if you running GNOME ask me if you do not get tray icon…

  • @joekamprad I use openbox

  • @aesyir
    Just a clarification if you didn’t have it already: you need to have all related headers (e.g. linux-vfio-headers and nvidia’s dkms packages etc.) installed, then it should build them automatically.

    Please check next time you have a related update that all required packages are built properly.

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