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    Hi all!

    I’ve already installed Antergos 4 days ago, and I have a question.

    I’ve an Optimus Intel/Nvidia laptop and, to run apps and games, I can launch it tipping optirun (obviously), but when I start PlayOnLinux, It has a text area named “parameters”; my question:

    It’s possible to add to this parameter line “optirun” and how? thanks!

  • @panopliaespartana said in PlayOnLinux Parameters:

    It’s possible to add to this parameter line “optirun” and how?..

    I never used PlayOnLinux, so don’t know what parameters you/re talking about.

    The general optirun syntax is:

    optirun [optirun-parameters] command [command-parameters]


    • [optirun-parameters] are any of optirun-specific parms; use optirun --help or man optirun to get their full list

    • [command-parameters] are any of parametrs accepted by a command; usually it is possible to run command --help to get them

    [optirun-parameters] apply to optirun only, and don’t affect the command to be executed. And vice versa - [command-parameters] are used in the command itself, and don’t affect optirun.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @just So sorry, I was writting about Arguments, not Parameters


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