• Updated Friday and broke X/NVidia

    first i would allways try is to have LTS kernel and LTS nvidia installed (can be installed aside from latest ones)
    In case of a problem you can boot on LTS.

  • @emyrbateman, @joekamprad hi - sorry for this question but it is not completely clear what to do about linux headers:

    The package


    is installed - but when I did run

    sudo pacman -S nvidia-390xx-dms

    it installs but says it requires installing three different kernel modules:

    I don’t know how to install multiple kernel headers. Is there a simple way?

  • @avillavecesn said in Updated Friday and broke X/NVidia:


    I am not sure what it causing dkms to see the old kernel, may you do not reboot after last kernel update?

    what shows uname -a ?

    linux-headers and linux-lts-headers can be installed side by side … but 4.16.7-1-ARCH should not be present after installing latest one (update)

  • @joekamprad I ended up doing a complete reinstall (as you saw in the other topic) so I didn’t really investigate further this issue with linux headers.

    Anyway, uname -a gives


    as the current kernel.

    I imagine for future updates I will have to try (manually?) to stay with this kernel and with nvidia-390xx.

  • may caused by a not completed update the kernel image of the previous kernel was still there…

    Thats not a common problem…

  • –closing– as unsolved, because new install …

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