• Grub-customizer not running

    When first trying to run, the program flickers then is gone. It only does this once.

    from konsole it says this

    $ grub-customizer
     *** initializing (w/o specified bootloader type)…
       * reading partition info…
       * Loading Framebuffer resolutions (background process)
       * Finding out if this is a live CD
     *** initializing (w/ specified bootloader type)…
       * Checking if the config directory is clean
     *** loading configuration
     *** loading - preserveConfig: no
       * unsetting saved config
     *** loading settings
     *** loading grub list
       * loading scripts…
       * loading proxies…
  • polkit is installed?
    Do you try run it with sudo?
    Do you check AUR comment’s ?

    In my opinion grub-customizer is not recommended and should only be used if you know how to revert the changes it will do.

  • Ah, I see they have a problem. The segfault error, Thankyou.
    yes tried sudo too and yes like 5 polkits installed

    I saw your comments about other way not working out of the box…can’t find link now.
    oh here it is…ah yes because of the submenu

    I’ll just wait a bit to see when it’s working again, it works very well
    or I try manuel’s grub assistant.

    Thanks for the AUR comments check, I mark it solved now that I know theres a problem.

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