• How big are the updates?

    Its only been 2 days since my new install. I already saw 2 updates of 300-500MB when I did ‘pacman -Syu’. I have data caps so this is a bit alarming :)

    Are the updates cumulative? e.g. if I hadn’t done the 1st update I think the 2nd one would have included most of the ones - i.e if a package is updated 2x, then I only need to get the latest update. What I’m trying to say is not doing the daily update would’ve saved me a lot of data right?

    The rolling model is one of the reasons I chose this so I expected frequent updates but not this big. How much data use can I expect doing updates every 1-2 days, and should I do it weekly instead to save data?

  • @defc said in How big are the updates?:

    Are the updates cumulative?..

    Yes, they are. An upgrade (don’t confuse with update) n+1 includes changes from upgrade n. Longer delays, higher the risk to break something.

    If you’re on Kde, it had a big upgrade a day or two ago. It’s not a frequent case. Happens more or less once a month. Or even more rarely.

    Daily upgrades are the best choice. Their sizes may vary from few K to some M. Let’s say, from 500K to 10M. Something like that.

  • On a rolling release model distro you are going to get a a whole load of updates. Some things update daily. RIP data cap :(

  • I’d guess in the long run Antergos update sizes are about the same or not much more than in many other distros. On some distros you may delay “other” updates and take only the security updates. But sooner or later you’ll need to take them all.

    Note that Antergos brings you security updates very fast compared to some other popular distros. So it is a consideration of many things, and you decide what’s the best approach (distro) for you.

  • @just If its 500k-10M daily then no problem at all. I still plan to do updates at least every few days. No plans to change distros or anything like that.

    I found this - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacman/Tips_and_tricks#Network_shared_pacman_cache.

    I will soon have multiple Antergos machines :) Has anyone done the shared cache and how easy it is? Can I do it with Windows pc as cache with webserver?

  • @defc said in How big are the updates?:

    If its 500k-10M daily then…

    No, that’s not a total of daily download.

    I upgrade each time the terminal is opened, and use terminal 90% of time. That is a rough size of single upgrades. There could be multiple upgrades in a day, up to 4 or 6. So those numbers should be multiplied by 4 or 6.

  • @just Understood. But updating 4-5 times a day seems excessive, no?

    The general advice I’ve read on Arch is to do it a few times a week or at most daily.

  • I bet someone has a cronjob that does - ‘pacman -Syu --noconfirm’ every 1hr :)

  • @defc said in How big are the updates?:

    The general advice I’ve read on Arch is to do it a few times a week or at most daily.

    I’m agree, it’s a good advice and a reasonable upgrade interval. Hourly cronjobs or multiple daily upgrades are probably ecessive, but I don’t feel myself comfortable knowing that there’re pending upgrades.

  • @defc
    I’m updating my (several) Antergos systems in various intervals. Some of them many times a day, some of them about once a month, and others something in between.
    It has been working well for quite a long time now.

    In my experience, most problems come if the updating interval is very large, say many months. Then it may be quite difficult to update the system properly, but not impossible.
    Also updating very often may sometimes cause minor problems, especially if you don’t check Antergos forum or Arch pages for possible issues.

    But if you are willing to check the information sources above and update somewhere between daily to weekly, you should be able to manage about all issues quite easily and keep your system in great shape.

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