• Ugly font rendering in applications like KeePassXC


    the fonts in some applications like KeePassXC are very ugly:

    I copied the fonts from a Windows 10 image to /usr/share/fonts. This has an optical effect, but it quite looks nasty:

    Would like to have a smoother look like on the official screenshots. I know this is KDE and I’m using Gnome. But it looks wired, especially the big font on the menu. The Nextcloud client from AUR has similar issues. What exactly is the problem here and how can I get a smoother design?

  • @th3dan Hi! Install and/or launch the “qt5ct” app and in fonts tab, change the font (General). I have “Cantarell 11” there and it looks good. Do you see any effect? Perhaps a shell restarts needed.

  • …as qt apps needs to be configured with qt setting tools… and you may starting them into a gtk based DE …


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