• A new look for VLC?

    So yeah… Anyone else have VLC look like this? Don’t know what happened, haven’t changed anything - It looked like this from scratch after I installed it

    0_1526010015255_Deepin skärmdump_select-area_20180511053935.png

    The menus are very difficult to use because everything is so freaking huge.

  • @hackan301 Hej där!

    Under “Visa” har du kommit åt “Spellista”. Klicka på den en gång till, så är allt som det ska igen…

    Hi there!

    Under “Display”, you probably nudged “Playlist”. Click that one more time, and you’re back to normal…

  • @hackan301 what is your DE Desktop Environment?
    If not QT based you will need to configer style with a tool like qt5ct (but do NOT use this if you are using KDE/plasma)

  • @MrEcks Det är inte visa/dölj spellistan som är problemet. Det är att grafiken är uppförstorad till typ x4. Du ser ju hur stort det ska vara i namnlisten på fönstret.

    0_1526300038728_Deepin skärmdump_select-area_20180514141055.png

    @joekamprad Nah, I am on deepin. Should qt5ct matter even if I force a different decoration styles? All the styles have enlarged graphics.

  • uhh deepin is kind a switchen step by step to qt, so iam not sure here… this can be a problem with libs for svg/png also but i am nor sure here…


    deepin is using its own way to integrate qt5 apps…

  • i just try installing qt5ct and configure it inside deepin seems to work mostly, but some themes/settings will not work, as i can see better do not change dialog from standard to gtk.

  • This issue now regards GIMP as well…

    I tried qt5ct, but it didn’t make much difference. I have Antergos deepin installed on another compiter as well. But there GIMP (haven’t installed VLC there yet) is just normal. GIMP used to be normal on this machine as well before. I wonder if something got funky when I installed VLC here…

    I tried to compare packages which had anything to do with theme engines (and to some extend also qt) between the machines, but didn’t see any real difference.

  • can be a lib missing also may some related to .png or .svg …

  • @hackan301 said in A new look for VLC?:

    All the styles have enlarged graphics.

    All the styles have enlarged graphics.

    alo deepin defaults?

  • 0_1526780866422_gimp.png

    Everything is deepin defaults… The only thing I did was to install VLC :-/

  • I mean the only programs which look like this are VLC and GIMP. GTK3 programs (like Nautilus), KDE programs (like Digikam) and deepin programs look just fine…

    Though deepin file manager has started to act weird since I installed qt5ct. I use the dark theme and when I open a new file manager window it displays the folder background with the bright theme. I have to like switch it to bright and then back to dark for the whole window to become dark. Maybe some color palette thing.

  • As i can see qt5ct also do not do changes to icons inside vlc and gimp…

  • 0_1526801290557_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-05-20 09-27-37.png

    Also gimp and vlc with the same settings inside qt5ct… only fonts and theme is configurabel

  • And gimp is using its own configuration for icons and themes:
    0_1526801712192_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-05-20 09-34-26.png

  • It is indeed very strange. I have noticed more and more programs with too large images. Both Rhythmbox and Gnome Webb (for example when Gnome Webb displays a speaker in the tab to indicate autiostream).

    Must be something within deepin somewhere… I have tried to change gtk-themes and icon-themes but it doesn’t seem to have any effect in either direction.

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