• Any way to make Variety launcher to work in Wayland Gnome?

    See headline.
    Basically, if I log into a Wayland session, the launcher / notification for Variety desktop switcher does not show up, which cuts the program’s functionality down significantly.
    I don’t want to log into a Xorg session, because yes, Variety works, but Dash to Dock’s icons gets screwed up instead, which is worse.

  • @snailbeard,

    The problem lies both with Wayland and Variety. Many applications still do not run well–or at all–under Wayland. (I see that the main Variety github has recently been updated, as well as the one in the main repos, so you might also want to ensure you are running the latest version.)

    Xorg is still the best choice overall for full functionality. You state that Dash to Docks icons get screwed up, but don’t mention how. If it is a spacing or size issue, those can mainly be addressed from within the Dash to Dock’s settings, or even dconf-editor if you get really bold. ;) If it is a theming issue–you just don’t like the way they look–then a different iconset/theme may give a better appearance. But, generally speaking, Xorg still gives the best overall results.

    GNOME.org developers leave us common users gasping at changes sometimes, since the are the dog and the tail that waves it. That leaves us little choice to change their changes, other than to revert in some cases. In others we can only use it as their developers intended in order to achieve the best results on our end as users. Sadly. That being said, I look forward to returning to GNOME especcially since 3.28.2 fixes the memory leak problem.

    When are Antergos 18.5 spins looking to be produced?

  • @c00ter
    Dash to Dock, for me, does not load any icons but default ones. Icon themes WORK, all other icons everywhere are correct, and if log out and in again (or just run pamac / terminal and does an update check) the icons in the dock DOES get switched to the correct ones.
    It is visible in Wayland too; for about 2 seconds after login the icons in the dock are the default ones, and then you can see the correct ones being loaded in.

    If this wasn’t the case, I would run on Xorg.

  • @c00ter
    Ah. Solved it. It was the icon.cache.
    FIgured it out because when I changed icon size in the dock it immediately fixed itself, but when I went back to 48px Firefox and a few other icons reverted back to standard.
    I regenerated the icon cache for the theme in question, and now it works.
    So for now i am running on Xorg.

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