• System suddenly won't complete boot

    Firstly, thanks all for the advice I found here, for me a slight variation worked

    nvidia-installer -n
    pacman -R -u nvidia-utils 
    pacman -S nvidia-390xx

    Had to remove nvidia-utils otherwise installing nvidia-390xx failed to install, cause of existing files.
    Also just cause I’m suspicious, I subsequently uninstalled noveau.

    I’m a newbie to Antergos, so apologies if this is a naive question.
    Do I need to do anything to ensure that future upgrades do not install newer versions of the nvidia drivers?

  • pacman -S nvidia-390xx-utils
  • I guess a lot of older cards got dropped. This happened to me on my older desktop today. Using the 390xx drivers as stated fixed it here.

  • In the end, after many days, this worked for me. Not directly, though: perhaps trying so many “solutions” before created layers of files that prevented this from working. I ended reinstalling - and getting the same problem right after reinstall this time (but now knowing what to expect). Immediately after reinstall I downgraded nvidia to 390xx and after many days the X system started again.

    I got weary, however - I think this was a very troublesome update, and I am still scared of the system collapsing again.

  • the latest switch of nvidia seems to include some changes… and /or bugs also… we get many issues related to this update… but this is a main problem with proprietary drivers… they are closed and not open, so no one realy knows what will happen on all the different systems before it is installed…

  • new woes and solution:


    installs version 390.48 - this is incompatible with

    xorg-server 1.20.0-2

    from latest update

    this breaks the X system (again)

    after a lot of search I ended up installing directly nvidia-390.59 from the nvidia website (arch only has nvidia-390.48) - the driver 390.59 was made exactly to solve the incompatibility with xorg-server 1.20.0-2

    it works

    (I could also perhaps have downgraded xorg-server but since this was a fairly recent install I didn’t have local files of xorg-server 1.19 - I also read that downgrading xorg-server is potentially very troublesome with lots of remaining files …

    is there a neat way to downgrade packages which are not in the local system?

    how dangerous is it to downgrade xorg-server in antergos?)

  • @avillavecesn
    Download package downgrade. But be aware downgrading may cause serious compatibility problems, too. To fix those problems, you may need to chroot to your install.

  • @avillavecesn said in System suddenly won't complete boot:


    Flagged out-of-date on 2018-05-16


    So will be solved soon!

  • @avillavecesn Thanks for working out the the fix. I had moved to nvidia-390xx and when prompted blithely updated :-(
    Surprisingly doing

    nvidia-installer -n 

    did not work. I then uninstalled all nvidia-390xx related modules

    pacman -R u nvidia-390xx-dkms nvidia-390xx-utils opencl-nvidia-390xx nvidia-installer

    That brought up X again.
    Then installed the downloaded driver package you mentioned.

    systemctl isolate multi-user.target

    and followed the instructions. I’ve written out the commands cause changing the run-level using systemd is new to me, and it may help someone.

    All is working for now, hopefully future upgrades will not break things, I installed the dkms drivers, so should work for while, it may be time to buy a newer graphics card or move to nouveau.

  • @joekamprad thanks - looking forward to the update to 390.59 in the arch/antergos packages

    meanwhile, using the nvidia package…

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