• Finally made the big switch

    Hey all. I have officially made the move from Windows to Linux!

    As a developer, and after much research, I’ve been eager to settle down on Arch as a main distro. However, I’m still relatively new to Linux, so for now I will be chillin here with all of you friendly people :)

    Props to the devs for making this transition so fluid and accessible! Beta installer worked flawlessly.

  • @n8bit
    Congratulations and welcome to the Antergos world! :)

    As you probably already know, Antergos and Arch have much in common. Antergos directly uses Arch repositories in addition to its own repos. And Arch wiki and forums provide lots of useful information for Antergos users (although they seemingly don’t wish to answer questions from other than Arch users).

    I think you’ve made a very good choice. Antergos and Arch can enjoy up to date apps and kernels. And in case of some issues (which do sometimes occur on a rolling release) you should be able (as a developer) to handle most of them, but if not, Antergos forum is the
    right place to ask any questions.

    And there are no dumb questions - we all have been newcomers to the linux world. ;)

  • @n8bit

    The fun begins. Finally free…you can begin to enjoy! 🎅

  • Thanks, fellas!

    Just got PCI passthrough working with VFIO. Officially never returning to Windows :D

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