• Issue with Installation

    I am a regular Mint user, just moving to Antergos. I had given this spin off a try when it was Cinnarch.

    I have downloaded the minimal iso on May 2nd 2018. I created a bottable usb disk using rufus. When I boot off it takes me to an installer.

    It couldnt connect to the internet, so I checked the forums and connected to wifi using nmtui. It took 5 mins to update cnchi from .14.410 to 426 and installation started.

    Usimg Cinnamon with LTS, Flash, Libreoffice. Tried default combo too.

    But it always fails at 100% while checking.

    The time zone selected was Asia/Kolkata using both, the installer and using timedatectl but always showed the time wrong. Finally managed to sync with hardware clock using rtc 1.

    Now installation has started but the speed is too slow to download. I will let u know if it works, but trust me, that installer is pathetic, even for a beta. I was one of the first to adopt Mint and always loved Ubuntu, I used LMDE in beta but none were so raw.

    I will let u know if the installation goes thru, this is my 7th try in 5 days. But if it doesnt, I am done. I have to leave my house and get a different distro from my friends house.

  • @ash29
    We cannot do much without logs. Could you show the log in /tmp/cnchi.log:

    cat /tmp/cnchi.log | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/?u=1

    and show here the URL it returns.

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