• Error when trying to install Discord

    Hi! I’m not really new to Antergos I’ve used it in the past and I had installed discord that worked very well. Today when I try to install it I get this error:

    Compiled test failed unexpectedly!

    Testing: 0 … 10… 20… 30… 40… 50… 60… 70… 80… 90…
    Testing Time: 1006.82s

    Failing Tests (2):
    libc++ :: std/localization/locale.categories/category.monetary/locale.money.get/locale.money.get.members/get_long_double_fr_FR.pass.cpp
    libc++ :: std/localization/locale.categories/category.monetary/locale.money.put/locale.money.put.members/put_long_double_fr_FR.pass.cpp

    Expected Passes : 5703
    Expected Failures : 4
    Unsupported Tests : 165
    Unexpected Failures: 2

    5 warning(s) in tests.
    FAILED: projects/libcxx/test/CMakeFiles/check-cxx
    cd /tmp/pamac-build-crunq/libc++/src/build/projects/libcxx/test && /usr/bin/python2.7 /tmp/pamac-build-crunq/libc++/src/build/./bin/llvm-lit -sv /tmp/pamac-build-crunq/libc++/src/build/projects/libcxx/test
    ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
    ==> ERREUR : Une erreur s’est produite dans check().

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