• Pamac update loop!

    Nice! Pamac wants to update itself to 6.3.1 with pamac.
    Afterwards, pacman wants to downgrade pamac back to 6.2.7.
    And this goes on…
    @developers, have you noticed this or do I have some other problem?

  • that`s odd!

    How should this happen?

    I just do the update, but not with pamac… and i do not get the loop… may you have it in ignore pkg? what would also do not have this effect… as it is written to pacman.conf

  • OK, it seems to have been some temporary issue.
    Solved, thanks! :)

  • @joekamprad
    I tried it again and now it all works as expected.
    Maybe tried updating just at the wrong time I guess… ;)

  • strange anyway looks like update info was faster known by pamac then pacman itself…

  • I guess that pamac does something similar to “pacman -Syu”?
    After pamac I used “pacman -Syyuu”.

    Agreed, quite strange.

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