• Can't set my keyboard layout under Gnome

    Hi, i’m new to Antergos and i’m having quite a difficult time setting my keyboard layout to canadian multilingual. I setted the layout to canadian multilingual at the os installation, but i got the english us layout – and no matter what i try, it remains english us.

    In /etc/locale.gen, i don’t know exactly what the canadian multilingual code is, so i uncommented those two lines :


    Then i typed in the terminal


    followed by

    localectl set-locale LANG=fr_CA.utf8
    localectl set-x11-keymap ca multix

    It did change the keyboard layout for the terminal, but under Gnome it remains on english us. Since that change, the terminal GUI won’t open under Gnome (looks like it cant resolve the layout conflict), i have to access it via ctrl+alt+F2. Even if Gnome now displays in french, it won’t let me choose another keyboard input source than english us.

    Any hints on how to fix that?

  • https://youtu.be/xM9V2rS1L2k

    Only to make sure you do not trap into strange way of access the settings

  • No way. I just can’t believe it. All i had to do was enlarging the window to see the other options… well. I now have a new problem, despite this huge new list, i can’t find any french keyboard layout or the canadian multilingual. I guess i’ll try to revert my previous actions.

  • @gc1010011010

    I can not count the times i show this “hack” ;) This is very bad on design, like some other very unhandy and not following a corporate design.

    Before there was this stupid way to change resolution for display, with a popup on aviable resolutions, where you need to choose the res. and then close the popup manual to enable the resolution with a click on a button… but they change this to be more easy…

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