• New installation Deepin DE, Dell 7577 freezing up, troubleshooting

    Hi, long time Linux user but new Arch user, coming from Debian based installations and scratching my head since I have much to learn with how things are done in Arch based land. I really like what I see but a fresh installation my computer is freezing up on me and I am trying to pin point the issue. My initial thought was to jump in the logs but not much in var/log and I think I am supposed to be using journalctl which I need to read up on.

    My symptoms are that the screen stays on but none of the keys are working, even sound freezes, just keeps stuttering. Trying to open a console window via keyboard doesnt work and the only key that appear to keep working is the backlit keyboard key. I have not tried to SSH into and have that on the list to do, any other advice on where to look for the possible issue?

    Hardware wise its a Dell 7577 with mostly intel setup, i7-7700 cpu, 16G ram, and nvidia GTX1060 with intel integrated. On installation I did select to install the nvidia drivers but need to check and see which one is being used. Currently using the Deepin DE. This is new hardware so I need to run some hardware diagnostics and make sure that I do not have any hardware issues but I did use it with windows for getting setup etc and never had the issue.

    Any suggestions on where to go let me know, I haven’t had this issue with my old laptop running debian based stuff in a long time so I am a little rusty with my troubleshooting. On the positive side I really like what I see so far just need to get things stable. :)

    Thanks in advance.

  • @bishoptf said in New installation Deepin DE, Dell 7577 freezing up, troubleshooting:

    nvidia GTX1060 with intel integrated


    But bumblebee howto says do not install nvidia driver during install…

    I would take a look if you can choose only using one card inside BIOS, or try if you can get bumblebee installed…

    As system getting confused without any configuration…

  • Following up on this, I should have posted something on friday but have been cough playing to much. I still need to do some more definitive testing but I blacklisted the nouveau driver and things got lots better. I also turned off speedshift in the bios and that might have also helped, I need to do some more research on that one but blacklisting the driver made the biggest difference and things are much more stable, been running almost three days straight.

    I will follow up if I find some more nuances with the Dell 7577, I’d like to undervolt my CPU to peel off some CPU heat but need to do a bunch more reading on that one.

    Hope this helps someone :)

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