• No more monospace font


    a few weeks ago I’ve noticed that all applications displaying text using monospace fonts are now diplaying an unreadable serif font. See pics for examples :

    Software Center


    I changed the font when I could find the option in different apps but it’s not very pratical. I wonder if there’s an option in Dconf Editor to change this.

    Thanks in advance for any tips :)

  • do you try Install gnome tweak tool?

  • @joekamprad said in No more monospace font:

    do you try Install gnome tweak tool?

    Nope, should I ? I would have thought the built-in deconf editor will suffice. Unless it’s something in a .Desktop file.

  • sadly i can not try as i accidently erase my deepin VM… But before tweak tool was able to do so…

  • @joekamprad Just tried : it doesn’t even start (loads of errors, wrong shell etc). Probably because Deepin is now massively using Qt.

    I checked my fontconfig file and it’s using Noto fonts as it should. I’ll keep digging.

  • Ah! Solved it. There were a few options in dconf still using ‘Monospace’ instead of ‘Noto Sans Mono’.

    Apparently, when the Noto fonts were installed automatically with a previous update, the old Monospace font was changed and a placeholder is loaded instead.

    I’m sorry I can’t be more precise about wich dfonf parameter did the trick, but it’s one of these :


    Thanks for the help anyway :)

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