• Gnome-encfs-manager running but no GUI

    As a newbie, I am hoping someone can point me to a simple solution. I have installed gnome-encfs-manager and right after the install it ran as expected - I was able to see the GUI application. However, after closing it and trying to start it again, the GUI does not show. I can see the application is running in the system monitor, so I am really confused.

    I have tried restaring, uninstall/re-installing and starting the application from the terminal. None of these have helped. Is there something I am missing that tells the application to show in the GUI. It ran once during the install, so I know what it is suppose to look like but now it does not show up regardless of how I attempt to start it.

    Other info:
    Gnome Version 3.28.1
    Antergos 64bit

  • @twinwolf said in Gnome-encfs-manager running but no GUI:


    gnome-encfs-manager --help



    As this is not an package from repository you will need to ask for someone is using it, or where it comes from.

    AUR packages are only maintained by the user creating it.

  • Thank you. I have found this to be an easy solution and replacement:


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