• How am I supposed to post when new user

    How do you get through the spam filiters in order to post?

  • Hi,

    Patience. You will be able to post long posts when the system trusts you more (it’s to avoid spamming).

    Try to post short posts at first.

    Warn us if you have any problems posting.


  • Yeah understand but I have a cnchi installation issue that I would like to post and currently unable to post it due to the spam filters. Obviously this is not friendly way to greet new users, I’d really like to figure out what the issue is with cnchi and ways to work around it.


  • Looks like I may have found my answer - https://github.com/Antergos/Cnchi

    looks like I can set a flag to not update and some other useful options, will give some of those a go tonight and see if I can get something installed.

  • “Post content was flagged as spam by Akismet.com” - This really needs to be corrected or an easy way for new users to post initially. I would like to post about an installation issue and unable to post in the installation sub-forum due to this error message.

  • Hi,

    Please, if you have an issue with the installer, the best option is to file an issue in github (the same address you found).



  • Well I’m happy to say that I re-downloaded the ISO last night and re-installed and it all worked properly. :) Not sure what was going on with the first ISO I downloaded and I also ran it from the command line with some options so I’m not sure what ultimately solved it but its installed and working. I went with Deepin and still need to decide if I want to stay with it or not, it froze up on me but it’s a new laptop so I still have a lot of fiddling to do.

    Thanks for the reply and I will be donating shortly to support your work. Thanks :)

  • Where should I post an installation issue? I’d like to post in the installation sub-forum (I’ve written a post and everything) but the spam filter won’t let me. Also surely short spam is just as annoying as long spam? Imho a length based spam filter is crazy as it stops legitimate posts without stopping short annoying spam.

  • @blimmo

    If you’re posting something specific to the installer, you can use
    to post an issue.

    If you’re searching for help, just post a message as you tried. The spam filter is automatic, so it’s nothing I can do about it.

    Try to shorten your first message, or even split it in two.


    P.S. There’s also a known bug that will prevent you from editing your own messages. We’re waiting for an update.

  • @karasu

    Thanks for the quick response!

    My issue isn’t with the installer (I’ve got antergos installed and working except for one of my displays) but I now have enough reputation to post more than once every 5 minutes so I can just put all the info in replies.

    Ironically, that’s the restriction which I think is sensible but the 2 reputation lifting it means I can post my issue at least XD.

    Surely there’s somebody who can disable the spam filter? I’m worried that it will push away new users who are having trouble with antergos (it almost did to me) since you’re always encouraged to provide as much info as possible in your inital request for help and this kinda prevents it.

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