• Partition / too full

    I tried to update my system, but pacman tells me:

    error: Partition / too full: 145529 blocks needed, 0 blocks free

    df -h
    tells me my root folder is completely full.

    So I ran
    sudo ncdu -x /
    to find the problem. However according to ncdu, I have only used approx. 40GB of 107GB available.

    I then tried
    du -sh
    all the different folders under root, which combined gives approx. 40GB

    Does anybody have any idea what Im missing here?


  • @hatten
    You could find some large files with command

    cd   # go home
    find . -size +10M -exec ls -lh {} \;

    That “+10M” above means “greater than 10 megabytes” and can be made larger if needed.
    And the dot “.” is the starting directory, can be changed to e.g. “/”.

  • Found the problem!

    I went through my /etc/fstab and removed som old unused mount point from another disk. After that I saw 63G old files in a /var/cache/zoneminder folder I once used! Deleted those, and now its all good!

    Thanks for your reply!

  • @hatten I think the var partition is sometimes set in its own section separately for that reason, but I understood it as a server problem because of logs, glad you go it worked out I didn’t know that kind of disk usage in var was possible lol

  • /var can be its own partition … as all directories can be mounted from all around the planet under /

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