• Antergos boot hanging at start up job for swap partition.

    Hello, my problem is that at boot I hang for a full 1min 30s when mounting my encrypted swap partition. After the minute 30 it seems to boot fine.
    When I run

    swapon --show
    #output is
    /dev/dm-2 partition 4,1G   0B   -2

    which to me suggests it is actually being mounted properly after the minute 30 seconds

    When I run:

    lsblk -f
    #output is
    NAME              FSTYPE      LABEL      UUID                                 MOUNTPOINT
    ├─sda1            ntfs                   B49CE2FA9CE2B650                     
    ├─sda2            vfat                   3CD7-4E41                            /boot/efi
    ├─sda3            ntfs                   581005C81005ADD6                     
    ├─sda4            crypto_LUKS            0d1d3bdc-1a8d-428c-8cdd-ef83f9c4085b 
    │ └─root          ext4        root       b1880162-0097-4905-9e89-09c05a76c2dd /
    ├─sda5            crypto_LUKS            fcac292a-0ce9-4be7-9c9d-377c30ea4a00 
    │ └─home          ext4        home       a6f07b96-34b9-4fd1-9463-0f14514f030e /home
    └─sda6            crypto_LUKS            8cbc504d-9141-4127-b7c6-cce91815871b 
                      swap        swap       99625013-c89f-4e75-bdc1-fbb448673e31 [SWAP]
    └─sdb1            ntfs        Data Drive 38DAD478DAD433BA 

    The UUID that the start job is hanging on is the swap UUID not the crypto_LUKS UUID.
    Anyone have a fix for this Arch newb? :)
    I have not done any additional configuration beyond the cnchi installer.

  • couldn’t figure it out :/ ended up just commenting swap out of fstab for now

  • do you make some changes to partitions before this happen?

  • nope this was a default install I did have to reinstall grub because the installer did not work.

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