• Mouse clicks not working

    Hello everybody,

    I have looked at other threads about this issue, but I couldn’t find any definitive answer to my problem - let me know if there is, please!

    A couple of days ago my touchpad started working in a very strange way: cursor is moving, but right and left clicks are not. It’s not always the same - i.e. yesterday right click was working and today I have a new issue, as if my mouse is dragging all the time.

    When I use USB mouse it works the same way.

    Could you please help? Thank you very much.

  • I’m sorry to ask again, but I’m totally stuck and I really need help.


    Many thanks!

  • @lucavax
    Hi! Don’t want to leave you without an answer, but i’ve never heard about this bug before.
    Did the problem start after some update or installing some package? Another thing you can try is to update your system and reboot to see if maybe fix the issue.

  • or provide more info about installed DE and hardware will bring some hint…

  • @joekamprad thank you all for your support!
    Fortunately everything’s working again. I guess something happened with updating… hopefully it won’t happen anymore!

    Many thanks

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