• Error : 1083052 - Antergos Installation.

    Hi guys! :) Im fresh new to the whole Arch thing and generally with Linux and since i have a spare driving sitting im doing a side play with linux and since i liked Antergos from what i saw in videos and stuff i decided to try it!

    Im not in any hurry to do stuff so i take things slow! Now im trying to install antergos in my spare hdd! I downloaded the iso from the site, i read that you have to wait for 3-4 mins for cnchi to update… i did and it seemed to have updated it self. but then when i proceeded to continue with the installation after the partitions step i encountered this error

    I searched the forum a bit and found out about the mirror and when i selected for example only greek mirrors in third try to see if it would change something the error changed to 1083116.

    I started the cnchi from terminal using - sudo cnchi and i found out this.

    Does this mean that cnchi never managed to update ?! could this be my problem ? or could it be that the mirrors are ?

  • there is something wrong today, a lot users fail on install…

  • Me too same problem, I guess I will wait until tomorrow

  • I have the same issue, trying to install with Deepin. I have tried changing to several different mirrors, same errors on all of them.

    My logs says:

    [ERROR] metalink.py(118) create(): Unable to create download queue for package xfsprogs. An exception of type TypeError occured. Arguments: ("'NoneType' object is not subscriptable",)
  • To add to the above report - I checked the list of packages, and xfsprogrs was the first. I tried installing xfsprogrs form the terminal, which completed without issues. Tried the installer again, only to have it fail on the next package (antergos-keychain I believe), which also installed fine manually. Seems all packages fail through cnchi though.

  • i will report here:

    Please post there if you have any related stuff to inform us! Your every help is welcome!


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