• Touchpad's right click button not working.

    I have a dell laptop and it’s fully updated with libinput and xf86-input-libinput installed. I have this issue where both the touchpad buttons are performing left click only. Pressing the right click button also just works as left click. I have a wireless mouse which works fine and two finger tap is also working. This issue happened earlier also but it got automatically resolved. It’s frustrating, having these minor bugs. How should I fix this?

  • A little late to the party, but…

    Are you running Gnome, and is it a recent update to Gnome 3.28?

    If so, there’s a new default “emulation” action for the mouse buttons. Go over to your system tweaks. Under keyboard & mouse, you’ll see a section for mouse click emulation. Select “area” for traditional touchpad left/right click actions.

    Here’s a screenshot…

    0_1525593417058_Screenshot from 2018-05-06 02-56-27.png

  • @greenmartian
    Thank you so much! It worked. I had glanced over it thinking it would break the two finger tap for right click. But both work currently. Thank you.

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