• Can't install: Error 1076268

    @vfosterm Yeah… I would love a solution. The only reason I went for an antergos install over arch is because I don’t have access to a wired connections and antergos makes that so much easier - normally…

  • @fraun I’m sure there is a way around it in the command line but my knowledge of linux is no where near good enough to figure it out. I tried to get my install to work for about 4 hours last night. Might try a barebones Arch install today.

  • @stingray454 @fraun @vfosterm thanks for reporting this ! will be a good hint to track down the problem.

    Anyone on try to install want to provide thge failed cnchi logs can do easy with this commands out of the Live Session:

    cat /tmp/cnchi.log | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/?u=1
    cat cnchi-alpm.log | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/?u=1
    cat pacman-boot.log | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/?u=1

    you can simple post the urls it gives out… here or at github:


  • 2018-04-27 09:49:06 [ERROR] metalink.py(118) create(): Unable to create download queue for package bash-completion. An exception of type TypeError occured. Arguments:
    ("'NoneType' object is not subscriptable",)

    This seems to be what it is hanging up on. Taken from @fraun logs

  • @vfosterm Do you have a solution?

  • @wayne-f nope just a linux newb with some python knowledge. The installer has an error in it at the moment. I do not have a solution.

  • and it seems to fail getting differnt packages each time and so it is not that problem with package changes //moving away or renamings// it is directly a problem with installer or the metalink creation procedure…

  • Been wanting to try antergos for weeks now, and today I finally got around to it… Talk about bad timing :D

  • will be solved latest tomorrow :)

  • yea it is early in the Morning in US and lunch time in spain so devs will come in later…

  • @stingray454 Same here :)
    I plan on using antergos for my dual-boot system. Need it for work and want to try out how well gaming goes on linux but it seems I wont be testing anything today.

  • i will report here:

    Please post there if you have any related stuff to inform us! Your every help is welcome!


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