• USB drives are not recognized in any way at all.


    I’m currently running Antergos on my HP Spectre and recently my computer has just stopped recognizing USB flash drives. Anything else I put into the USB ports (charging cables, wireless mice, wired mice, etc.) are all recognized and work just fine, but none of my USB flash drives do. I have two flash drives which I tested in both the USB-A port and I also used an adapter to connect them to the USB-C ports but there’s no recognition at all. It doesn’t give me any notification that a drive is plugged in, nothing shows up in Gparted or disk manager, and when I try to boot from the drives, nothing shows up in the f9 menu. The drives also work fine on other computers. USB boot is enabled and secure boot is disabled. Honestly, this most likely has nothing to do with Antergos, but everywhere else I’ve asked I haven’t gotten a response, so I’d appreciate any help I could get. Thanks.

  • may doing update the kernel and do not reboot since?

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