• CNCHI - Can't install necessary packages. error: 1074120

    Hello everyone!

    I have installed (and am a happy user of) Antergos on my work laptop. I was so happy with Antergos, that I wanted it installed on my old pc at home. So I’m trying to do so. At the very end of the installation process, I get the mentioned error. I repeated the installation process a couple of times, all with the same result. After reading the blog, I also changed the choosing of the mirrors to the default, in stead of the recommended setting. That had the same result. So now I’m asking your guys for help. What should do differently? Or is this a known issue?

    Thank you,

  • I 'm getting similar error 1074193 always happens at user and password part of cnchi trying to reinstall on laptop.

  • i will report here:

    Please post there if you have any related stuff to inform us! Your every help is welcome!


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