• dropbox not starting icon is in taskbar

    Hello, on a recent reinstallation of antergos with KDE plasma I installed dropbox through the package update facility and it installs fine and I get the icon in taskbar but when I click on the dropbox icon in programs it doesnt start and ask for username and password also there is no dropbox folder in “home” as there was before, also on right clicking the icon in taskbar I get the settings but cant insert my username and password. Perhaps its due to the fact that the last time i installed dropbox it opened chromium automatically to insert username and password, in this installation chromium is not working. I have tried terminal commands dropbox stop/start and get message saying “another instance of dropbix is running”, any ideas? thanks

  • @philipmirabelli It sounds like you may have downloaded the wrong package from pacman or pacmac (IDK which you used). Dropbox no longer has a signup process in native Linux (if they ever did, I’m not sure). They now, after installation, take you to a browser to login, which then authenticates the native app. If that didn’t happen, one of two things is going on (at least that I can see).

    Either you don’t have the most recent dropbox package (perhaps you downloaded something old from the AUR?), or the service isn’t running. I don’t think it’s the second, because you say that the icon appears in the system tray.

    These are just my ideas, not sure without more info if this helps.

  • @mtwb thanks downloaded the correct packages and the connection was established immediately & files synced - thanks! case closed…

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