• Antergos Installer failed (UK 2018)

    I’ve been trying to install Antergos on a new laptop, dual-boot with Windows. At first it wasn’t getting past the point where you enter your username and password, even though I had removed some of the mirrors as suggested by @joekamprad in another thread (it seems impossible to find that thread now, should be pinned IMO). I had the same issue again so eventually I found another thread (again, hard to find) suggesting that LibreOffice is the culprit. So, this time I only ticked AUR, Bluetooth and Chromium as software to be installed. I chose GNOME as the desktop environment. Install seemed fine but after about 15 minutes it crashed with the same error.

    I had managed to install Antergos successfully on my desktop (albeit in BIOS mode) but I didn’t need Bluetooth support. Is there some up-to-date install guide or at least a reliable method for installing Antergos? Thanks.

  • @sinadoom Last time I managed to install Antergos at the 4th attempt. If I remember well, I left default mirrors at the 3rd and 4th try. Dunno if it made a difference.

  • @piotr Thanks for the reply. Until they sort out these mirrors I’m gonna go with a different distro. There’s plenty to choose from so no point in wasting time. They (or at least UK ISPs/UK government) clearly don’t want people installing Antergos xD

  • @sinadoom said in Antergos Installer failed (UK 2018):

    Until they sort out these mirrors I’m gonna go with a different distro.

    I checked numerous Linux distributions, and finally, after over a year spent on Arch and derivatives, I wouldn’t get back to anything else. I got used to having a lightweight OS with all software up to date. Also AUR I find the richest and the simplest to use community-driven software repository. This means I can choose from vanilla Arch and Arch-based distros. Initially I used to use Manjaro, but it stopped installing on my machine. Also waiting for the new software to pass ‘unstable’ and ‘testing’ branches drives me mad. I took a look at some minor distros, e.g. ArchMerge, but they introduce nothing, and overload my computer with unnecessary and selected according to someone else’s taste stuff. So, there are two ways to have a system tailored to my needs: either install Antergos (even if I don’t remember if I succeeded at the first try once) or choose vanilla Arch. After getting some practice, the latter may turn out a faster solution, but you must partition the drive and install everything manually, which is a little bit insane in 21st century. The choice is yours.

  • @piotr I admire Antergos and I’m sure it’s probably a great OS despite its relative youth, but I wasted too much time trying to install it. By contrast Ubuntu 18.04-beta2 worked right of the box. And to be honest I really don’t see a huge difference between Linux distros, since I was going to use GNOME DE anyway and presumably APT has more packages than pacman; though pacman is probably easier ot build things from source but how often does one do that? For me all I want is the latest JDK (which you pretty much have to install manually in either case), VS Code, an IDE, git, TeXStudio, Opera and LibreOffice. Ubuntu has all that. Unless Antergos has much better battery life and/or performance (I know it can be slightly faster in some applications) it’s not worth the hassle of putting up with an installer that just refuses to work.

  • @sinadoom said in Antergos Installer failed (UK 2018):

    Unless Antergos has much better battery life and/or performance

    I don’t care much of the battery life, but there’s a massive difference in performance. I wasted spent years on Ubuntu and wouldn’t ever get back.

    If it comes to software availability, the dominance of Arch lies (IMHO) not in main repos, but in the Arch User Repository (AUR). You can forget about launchpad / ppa and choose from nearly 50 thousand packages just several clicks away.

  • I do support 6 systems (F+F) where I install Ubuntu years ago, but now all carry Antergos!
    Supporting is much less time consuming and more easy.
    But I do permit AUR and give clear instructions on how to handle updates.
    If there is an issue I can simple solve most by giving some commands.

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