• Disable the alarm?

    I’m not really sure where to find it but this alarm starts every day on my installation and starts my music player as well. I don’t know where to turn it off. Has anyone had that happened to them?

  • @33nicolas you are hacked ;)

    As you are talking about “alarm” this will be something you have setup before? or you just get a notification ?

    DE is what?

  • I’m not sure what alarm it is and I didn’t set it up. I hate these things :)

    I’m on Cinamon now. Tx

  • Yeah, but where in the heck is it? I can’t find it anywhere, Menu or Package Manager. Weird…

  • @joekamprad said in Disable the alarm?:


    0_1524075204672_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-18 20-12-41.png

  • No, not on my system. I was looking into Audacious to bring in my music on my network and I noticed a plugin called Alarm. I unchecked everything in it. I’ll see tomorrow.

    How odd!

  • It was Audacious! There is an Alarm in the plugin sections. If selected, it automatically goes on 8 am.

  • @joekamprad I know. Wild, or what??? Who have thunk it would be switched on by default?

  • not by default, but if you tag the plugion on it do alarm, as it do not have a of/on switch inside its settings

  • I guess I must have. Oh well.

    Onwards to more fun stuff. Audio production workflow from Libre Music Magazine!

  • @33nicolas said in Disable the alarm?:

    I guess I must have. Oh well.

    Onwards to more fun stuff. Audio production workflow from Libre Music Magazine!

    there is a lot progress on the musicproduction side of linux :)

  • You know that was my reintroduction to Linux. First dabs were Red Hat 5.0, a horrible experience. Than SUSE, Ubuntu Studio, AVLinux, and now Antergos.

    I’m switching away from Garageband and iMovie. Garageband has been hard to replace. Audacity is good but a one trick pony. Ardour is great, but the learning curve is intense.

    As far as iMovie, KDEnlive, OpenShot, OBS, et al are all fine alternatives but they don’t replace the ease of navigation found on Apple’s UIs.

    All I need to do are 3 to 5-minute videos of my test drives, an easy way to edit audio for podcasts, something that reads RAW files, and the Canon HD video handheld that doesn’t get recognized. Never mind connecting my musical instruments yet :)

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