• How is Antergos for modern ultrabooks?

    I recently ordered a laptop - ASUS UX430UA, which has the latest Coffee Lake i7-8550U CPU. I was wondering whether Antergos is a good choice for these kind of devices. Obviously I expect basic features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to work, but I’m more interested in knowing whether power-saving optimisations will be good. I specifically didn’t opt for the NVIDIA GPU as I’ve heard Optimus can be a pain on Linux. But I do want to get good battery life and not have the CPU work too hard when it doesn’t need to and so on.

    So my question is whether anyone has used Antergos on a laptop and whether power-saving optimisations are any good? If so how does it compare to Windows 10 and/or other distros like Ubuntu? Thanks.

  • TLP THERMALD and may putting governor to powersave is a good and easy to install way to save battery live

  • If you can give details on devices we can take a deeper look

  • @joekamprad Hi, Thanks for your reply. I haven’t received the computer yet, I just wanted to know whether Antergos is a good OS for an ultrabook or whether there are known issues. I should also point out that my intention is to dual-boot with Windows.

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