• shutdown fails and suspend hangs after upgrade.

    Hey new to antergos here. really liking it, and hoping to make it work.
    Never had problems like this with Arch linux on my other laptop.

    Fresh install on a dell latitude, everything works great. Using the latest iso, setup with lvm, and encrypted hard drive. Once linux and linux-lts gets upgraded, it fails to shutdown, has a kernel panic, attaching that image here. Also cannot close lid or go into a suspended state, it will just remain black screen. Another thing to note is I have to remove autodetect in the mkinitcpio hooks, when compiling it errors out with sort terminated by signal 9 modbrobe missing parameters.
    Thanks for any help!![0_1523902769482_IMG_20180416_104037.jpg](Uploading 100%) !

  • figured it out.
    was removing my webcam on startup with a script calling modprobe -r uvcvideo.

    I guess that doesn’t unload clean enough, so during a mkinicpio -P linux is run with this happening, the autodetect hook will fail.
    hence all these things get screwed up.

    basically removed the script, reboot. re-add autodetect to hooks, mkinitcpio -P linux, reboot and done.

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