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    This is both a comment and a question,

    Every Linux distribution I have used includes cheese as the default webcam program and almost always it does not work and the program cannot be uninstalled because other programs rely on it. Why not install a program such as Simple UVC Viewer as the default? I know it can be installed from the software center and I always do, but I find it odd that a program that is broken is always the default.

    That being said, thank you very much for a top-notch OS, Antergos is the best distro I have used in a long time.

    Have a good day, cheers.

  • First a question back:
    What for you need a webcam automat?

    As webcam can be useful for Videochat but I never use my webcam for taking Fotos…

    The integration of cheese into GNOME is a decision GNOME devs done.

    To pull it off will need to change a lot onto the sources, what Archlinux do not do.

  • @joekamprad

    Thank you for your reply, I should post this on the gnome website then.

    I too never use my webcam for photos, but it is useful for instructional videos. I use simple screen recorder to record the desktop and then use Simple UVC Viewer for my webcam so as I am recording my screen it also records me on the screen from my webcam, there are other projects that a decent webcam comes in very handy, HD wide screen.

  • Oh yes I do not think about those videos with the little heads inside :)

    There is also zart wxcam and some others all are working fine…

    I was wondering if cheese is working on redhat and Fedora ?

    As the are financial linked ;)

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